Faith isn’t Psychological Certainty

One of the more persistent topics that has come up in and around the church is about the nature of faith. What is it? Can we lose it? Is it contagious? Over the years I’ve found myself coming back to a couple of key points: 1) faith isn’t about being absolutely sure, it’s about faithfulness; and 2) in many aspects of our lives we carry on even though we don’t know for sure. Those two points open up a host of new questions, but I think they also shift our view of faith away from the impossible ideal of having everything figured out and away from the notion that religious faith is wildly contrary to how we usually live. Here’s a link to a message from Greg Boyd of Woodland Hills on the topic: (ignore the initial promo, or not, it’s your call). He gets at this pretty well. I’m generally skeptical of famous pastors but I confess a soft spot for Anabaptists like Boyd who risk a lot for an unpopular peace witness.

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