Mennonites and Residential Schools in Ontario

A few people have recently asked me about an academic paper I wrote some years back on Mennonite-run residential schools in Ontario. The paper was published in the January 2019 issue of the Mennonite Quarterly Review.

This paper isn’t perfect. I would write it a bit differently today. Nevertheless, I hope the history presented here helps Mennonites better recognize and grapple with their role in this sorrowful chapter of Canadian history. For additional Mennonite-related resources on this see the MCC website.

3 thoughts on “Mennonites and Residential Schools in Ontario”

  1. I’m working on a brief article on these schools for Roots and Branches, the periodical of the Mennonite Historical Society of BC (back issues online). I’m curious how you would write this differently today. Could we include some comments on that in the article?


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