I’m Headed to A Rocha

Seasons, seasons, seasons . . . my season of ministry at Ottawa Mennonite Church is coming to an end. Though many of you are aware of this already, it is still strange to write these words. It will be hard to say goodbye to the many wonderful people my family and I have gotten to know here in eastern Ontario. OMC is a special congregation with a rich history and an important role to play in this city. Though I’m stepping away from pastoral ministry, I remain deeply convinced that faith communities are a vital part of the social fabric and essential to our spiritual lives.  

This next season of life is taking me to A Rocha Canada, where I will be taking on the role of Ontario Director. You can see their announcements on Facebook and Instagram, if either of those are your thing. A Rocha is a Christian organization engaged in environmental stewardship. They work in conservation science, environmental education, and sustainable agriculture. This is crucial and joyful stuff. If you’d like to learn more about A Rocha here is a link to their international website and here is one to the Canadian website. I’m excited to take on this work and grateful to be joining the dedicated staff and supporters already in place.

Though you probably won’t see as many sermons posted here in the future, I intend to keep this website in operation. Stay tuned for more thoughts on spirituality, the Christian tradition, ecology and more. And if you happen to know someone looking for an opportunity to serve a vibrant congregation as its Lead Pastor, well . . . .

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