Creation Care or Climate Justice – Does the Distinction Matter?

While I was on my way to work several weeks ago, I was reflecting on an email that had shown up in my inbox some time before. It was an update from an organization working to spur action mitigating climate change. What had caught my attention was the group’s worry that some impending action from a Christian denomination would engage “creation care” and not “climate justice.” That distinction had troubled me, but I couldn’t figure out if my unease was simply personal preference or something deeper.  [Read my full column here.]

3 thoughts on “Creation Care or Climate Justice – Does the Distinction Matter?”

  1. Thanks for the post Anthony. I do worry that people will use creation care as a way to avoid rather than engage. And you are certainly right about justice. Even Justice, or lack thereof, often ends up being a frustration that creates anger. Defining creation care needs to be precise to keep it relevant and not an escape pod. Tricky, but possible. Perhaps a paper on this? 🤓

    How are you doing? Been thinking about you a lot, and your family adjustments as well.

    Take care, Eric

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