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This website is mostly an effort to share a bit of my thinking with members of my congregation, former students, and anyone else who happens to find their way here. “Sanctorum Communio” refers to the communion of saints, or the church across time and around the world. My writing here is semi-formal; none of these pieces are very refined. However, some essays do end up being edited and published elsewhere. When that happens I try to include a link to the most current version.

The focus of most of my writing here relates to that ancient form of Christianottawa community known as the church, and it generally falls into one of three categories: First, what Karl Barth referred to as “the strange new world within the Bible.” Many of those short pieces focus on scripture and have their origin in sermons. Second, you will find essays and book reviews related to the Christian intellectual and spiritual tradition. Finally, there will be some reflections on the contemporary experience of the Christian faith. I’m particularly interested in the ways churches, and their related organizations, can serve the common good in this post-Christedom context.

A bit about me: I’m a pastor and theologian. I currently serve as Lead Minister at Ottawa Mennonite Church. Before taking on this role I was associate professor of Christian theology at Prairie College. In case it matters, I worked my way through school as a wilderness guide and farm hand. I still like to think I know my way around mountains and lakes. My family and I grow what we can in our little backyard. I’m a baseball fan too, suffering in the shadow of the American League (pitchers really should be required to bat).


5 thoughts on “About . . .”

  1. Anthony:
    Grant here from Three Hills.
    Had reason to think about you and a theological position that I seem to hold now, especially since I was at an AGM on Thursday night and discovered that I probably couldn’t be or wouldn’t be hired on staff if I were applying now, and had to sign a particular statement.
    I never asked too many questions back in the day (3 years ago) but think I may have some now.


    1. Hi Grant. Nice to hear from you. I remember you well.
      As you might expect, I have mixed thoughts on those sorts of community statements. On the one hand, I see the value in an organization defining itself as it wants. On the other hand, for ‘Christian’ organizations I think these kinds of statements can create an artificial sense of unity and stability. They rule valuable questions out of bounds too early.
      In any event, I hope you’re finding places to contribute.


  2. Hi Anthony – just stumbled upon your name, your website and your writings – looking forward to reading your work. What caught my eye is that you have done research on Mennonite involvement in the residential schools. Is this work available for reading?


    1. Thanks Maria. There are a few essays on that topic scattered throughout the blog (and a couple of links to related essays published elsewhere). The most substantial piece I’ve written on Mennonite residential schools was published in an academic journal, The Mennonite Quarterly Review (January, 2019).


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